Are your rollup doors, overhead doors, or garage doors hosting squatters? As the days get warmer, more and more pests might find your business’ exterior doors the perfect spot to set up housekeeping. From birds to wasps, your neighbors of all sizes are on the hunt for the ideal nesting environment. Maintaining your commercial doors isn’t just about making sure the springs are in good working order and the runners are going in the right direction, you also need to ensure this area is clean and clear.

Overhead doors are perfect perches for many nests, since they’re often under awnings or entryways, which are relatively protected from the elements. Depending on the size of your commercial space and/or doors, it’s surprisingly easy not to notice when feathered friends take a liking to your space. However, the debris, twigs and other goodies used to build nests can cause garage doors to jam. Plus, you don’t want to inadvertently host birds and their eggs, which may get crushed during normal operation of your doors

Though feathered squatters are often the easiest to remove, more sinister houseguests might be standing by, ready to take their place and stake a claim.

An Open-Door Policy

Paper wasp nests and yellow jacket nests look very similar, with both featuring a grayish bag that can vary in size. In North America, about 20 species of wasps make these nests, including the bald-faced hornet. Spring is the time wasps build new nests after the males die off during the winter months. In April, you might be facing a twofold attack: The lingerers from the winter nest are back in business, and new nests are being built—unfortunately, those new nests can be hard to spot in the early stages.

The results of not addressing nests can be devastating to a business. A client, contractor or worker attacked by wasps can lead to a serious worker’s compensation claim or lawsuit if it’s proven that the owner didn’t properly maintain the property. If the victim is allergic to certain pest stings, the side effects can even be deadly.

Nesting Season

This is why a biannual inspection, in both autumn and spring, is even more crucial than many business owners realize. A comprehensive check of overhead doors means more than making sure the sensors are working well. If you have a slew of doors or an expansive business area, it’s easy to miss nests, especially when it seems the doors themselves are working fine. Protect yourself, your business, your employees and your customers, and make sure an eagle eye is kept out for nests in your rollup doors. Call Canyon Overhead Doors today to schedule an inspection of your rollup doors and ferret out those nests before they do any serious harm.