Repurpose your old garage doors instead of throwing them away if they aren’t working well (or at all). For many homeowners, it may be time to replace roll-up doors or other outdated residential garage doors for both curb appeal and safety. The trend of reclaiming old home pieces and turning them into stunning new conversation starters has finally extended to the garage door industry. Many old doors, particularly from before the 1980’s, are solid wood or heavy metals and may feature intricate designs. They may not be serving their intended purpose any longer, but they can enjoy a new life as a home design concept.

Some savvy homeowners and interior designers are repurposing old garage doors as home dividers or as features on exterior and interior walls. Homeowners who want both unique beauty and added security are opting to turn these into alternate exterior doors, ultimately taking the place of sliding glass doors which do not put up a good defense against burglars. In particular, repurposing garage doors is trending in mountain and coastal regions where homeowners want to enjoy gorgeous views.

Easy and Breezy

Using a garage door as an exterior wall also offers a great cross-breeze, which is ideal in temperate or warmer climates. These doors are naturally solid insulators, so during the hot summer months, homeowners can save on cooling costs. Turning a garage door into a massive window lets homeowners choose how much breeze and light to let in without worrying about the risks over-sized windows present. During the winter months, keeping the home warm and cozy is easier and more energy-efficient.

For those who are enamored with glass, garage doors that feature this option are often sturdier than traditional home windows. Usually, glass is secured via an aluminum grid. This offers a clean, sleek look that will never go out of style. As an added bonus, the thick and reinforced glass common with these types of doors means prime insulation and minimal breakage.

The Best for Interior Design

Use garage doors inside the home as an interior wall, to close a too-open floor plan or even as a means of creating a huge photo frame if the door is a glass grid system. If you have a very old door without electronic parts, it is a great match for interior design. You will avoid an unsightly track system (which is a necessity if you are using a garage door as an exterior wall/door), rail system and extra springs.

The tinted and frosted glass of a garage door can be a fantastic addition to a home. These doors are big statement pieces, and best of all, repurposing them means it does not have to cost homeowners anything. If you are considering purchasing a new garage door and repurposing your old one, call Canyon Overhead Doors of Salt Lake City, their knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you make the best decision for your home and garage.