When preparing for a garage sale, a maintenance check for the garage doors is crucial. This is especially true for homeowners with older doors, or if it’s been several years since the last inspection. Laws vary from state to state, but bear in mind that many times if a person (such as a shopper) is injured on your property, you may be held liable. A garage door that’s on its last spring might suddenly close, the sensor may not work correctly or there may be another issue that could be dangerous with so many strangers on your property.

Anyone harmed on your property might file a lawsuit, but homeowners should be especially wary of strangers. Hosting a garage sale is a great way to kick-start spring cleaning while making a little extra cash for those impending summer vacations, but don’t set yourself up for trouble. Holding a garage sale requires more prep work than many people think. Consider this starter list for a safe and successful sale:

1. Clear out the garage

Garages are often the largest storage areas in a home. Ensure the space is clear of clutter and tripping hazards, and that all costly items that aren’t for sale are removed. Should the day turn hectic, you won’t have time to make sure people aren’t stealing items or that those extra extension cords stay out of the makeshift walkways. Safety comes first with garage sales.

2. Schedule garage door maintenance

Such maintenance should be an annual or biannual task to check off your list. It’s fast, easy and affordable, yet often put on the back burner. A reputable, local service person will check for the function, wear and tear, and general condition of garage doors. Recommendations for repairs or further servicing may be offered, and should be taken care of prior to the garage sale.

3. Check the driveway for trouble

Your garage and garage doors are just one potential trouble zone during a garage sale. Don’t forget about the state of your driveway, too. Large cracks, pits and forgotten items like hoses can also pose a hazard. Your goal is to ensure every visitor gets onto and off of your property free of harm. The cost of a potential lawsuit is far more than what anyone will likely earn selling their goods.

Having a garage sale is a lot of work, but it can be a great way to literally and mentally cleanse for spring. However, put safety at the top of your priority list. Homeowners who need an excuse to schedule maintenance can get the push necessary by hosting a garage sale. If several years have passed since you last garage door service call, contact Canyon Overhead Doors. They will come out and do a safety check to make sure your doors are safe for your next garage sale.